Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Will Adelaide be another Perth ?

Will or Won't India Make two in a row ? This question has been in mind of all Indian cricket fans. Adelaide will see a wounded Kangaroos, who are known to come on hard after their defeat and uprising Indian team, who believes that they can defeat The Mighty Australian.

Both teams will play with the best of their ability and strength. Pitch is supposed to help spinners and swing bowlers, it will be very favorable for Indian players. But Australian have proved in past that they can turn any situations in their favor. Indian team has to perform as a team and every one has to contribute to the game then only India can snatch another victory.

Few Factors that will change the course of the Adelaide Test:
- Harbhajan
- Mathew Haden
- Ganguly
- Pathan
- Ponting

Either way it will be a memorable for game.


मधुर संगीत

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