Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saurav should be selected in Indian Cricket Team or Not ?

It was a very sad day for many of the Saurav fan. After a historic win at Perth, the whole of India was enjoying and suddenly a shocking news for many of the Fans. It is really hard to accept what is happening to Saurav.
Saurav is currently in an excellent form and he should have been selected in Indian team. According to me in place of Yuvraj Singh , Saurav should have been in the team. Till now in the test series Yuvraj has not performed, and with his inconsistent past no body will argue for his inclusion in the team in place of Saurav.
I believe Indian selectors should understand that team politics should not be in the driving seat while selecting team. This has been Indian Cricket old problem and if India has to be on the top, some how this disease has to be cured.


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