Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tata's New Mini Car "Nano"

Today TATA has launched most awaited mini car "Nano", a 1 Lac car. It is termed as people's car as TATA is aiming to grab a large share of middle and lower middle segment. Three years before when TATA unveiled its plan for such car many thought that it is impossible and just a marketing gimmick.
But today such speculation has come to an end, and what a happy beginning to many middle class dreams. Ratan Tata said today that the price tag is only 1 lac to keep his words and was acknowledged with applauses.

Critics has started there work by saying that this will fuel the un-controlled pollution rush in mini cities and smaller towns. Safety concerns has been raised about the car.

But the final word from Indian middle class is that the time ; to fulfill their car dream has come, and they are not going to worry about these criticism. Ratan Tata has also assured that "Nano" meets Bharat III stage norms and they have taken care of every safety concerns.

Now everyone is waiting for October when "Nano" will be available in market.


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